Conference Topics


ICAIT 2024 addresses researchers and industries from all areas of Automation and Intelligent Technology. It provides an international forum for the exchange between those fields, to present advances in the state of the art, identify emerging research topics, and together define the future of these exciting research domains. We invite researchers to participate and submit their work to the program, with a particular emphasis (but not limited) to the following topics:


T1: Electromechanical Automation
Mechatronics Technology
Electric Automation Technology
Intelligent Automation
Automated Control System
Mechanical Manufacturing Automation
Manufacturing Control and Automation Engineering
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Automated Production Equipment Application
Industrial Automation Instrumentation
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology
Opto-Electronic Systems
Machinery and Machine Design
Electromechanical transmission control
Fault detection and Electromechanical Control
Sensors and Actuators
Advanced Motion Control
Humanoid Robots

T2: Intelligent Technology
Artificial Intelligence in Automation
Intelligent Control Systems
Human-Machine Collaboration
Machine Vision
Intelligent fault detection and identification
Hybrid intelligent systems
Smart Manufacturing Systems
Intelligent Vehicle Control Systems
Intelligent System and Control
Advanced Optics Manufacturing